A British Breakfast

It's not cooked breakfast, nor a 'continental' which often includes cold meats and cheese. Breakfast at The Croft House is a 'British Breakfast', elements of which the average family in Britain eats everyday! It's healthy, wholesome and will provide you with slow release energy to set you up for your day.

Choose from:

Orange juice, 4 cereals - muesli, cornflakes, puffed rice or wheatabix, home made yoghurt, seed mix & dried fruit toppings, fresh fruit, home made organic bread, Ann's home-grown & home-made jams, tea or coffee.

Food is ethically sourced, minimally packaged, often organic, home made where possible and of high quality. An ingredients list is on display, for those with dietary intolerances.

If you require gluten-free please bring your own favourite products with you. Gluten-free is not easy to purchase in this area and the chances are it won't be the brand you like.

Breakfast is ready from 8am for guests to 'help-themselves'. Check out from the Croft House is by 9.30am. If you require an earlier breakfast please ask when you arrive, so I can organise this for you.

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